Open April - Oct. Gifts Certificates available year-round

This outdoor adventure midway between Vernon and Kelowna has lots of variety in the tour. Not only do we offer the longest zipline tour but also the fastest zipline rides. You are transported to the top of the course then zip down the mountain utilizing seven ziplines strung out over meadows and gullies. You'll leave from towers, cliffs or platforms in the trees. At times you'll whiz close to the ground, at other times you'll soar above the trees. There is very little walking… you'll zip line-to-line through the pristine forest environment.

Family fun in nature. Oyama Zipline Forest Adventure was designed so a broad ranges of people could enjoy the outdoor activity. Anyone 50 - 275 lbs. and in reasonable health can take part safely. All the rigging and braking is done by guides that accompany every group. While ensuring your safety, the fun guides will also point out historical and environmental points of interest… some history of ziplining, rope bridge crossings, and the flora and fauna around you. One point of interest is our "Old Tree". Still standing strong this tree is about 100 years old and shows the ravages of lightning strikes. We have left the terrain natural so forest animals are spotted from time to time. This is natural habitat to marmots, quail, deer, bears and cougar.